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Pie ChartAnfield Capital would like to offer affiliates to become part of our affiliate program. Would you like to earn a commission promoting our products to your clients and visitors?

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How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program employs leading technology to monitor and track sales originating from a special link which we provide to you. As an affiliate you get your very own special link which you use to promote our products and services. Any visitor who clicks on your special link will remain your customer for a full 365 days (one year).

Any purchases they make on our web site within one year, will earn you a commission.

Affiliate Network

– It's FREE to signup and join.
– Working for you all the time (24/7).
– Very attractive commission structure.
– Stator is software "in demand".
– Very easy to operate and manage.
– Manage your stats and sales online.
– You don't manage the actual sale, we do.
– Commissions are disbursed monthly.


Sign up and start earning commission immediately!

Signing up to join the Stator affiliate program is easy, just click on the button below to register:



Remember, there is absolutely no risk or obligation on your part and we take care of all the administration. 

We have affiliates from all around the world earning hundreds of dollars in commission each month. We will look forward to welcoming you on board as a valued affiliate.