For money managers requiring the best of features!

Introducing Stator Platinum, a version designed to cater to the demands of larger installations, multiple users, user roles, increased security, compliance and more. Platinum is the perfect version for corporations or individuals seeking an enterprise level experience.

Read on to learn more about Stator Platinum specific features…

Multiple-users and roles…

When operating in a multi-user environment its essential for the purposes of security that access be restricted through the use of user accounts and associated roles.

Don’t worry because Stator Platinum has you covered in this respect.

Platinum supports “Roles Based Access Control” (RBAC) so you can create roles according to the job functions performed in your organisation, grant permissions (access authorisation) to those roles, and then assign users to the roles on the basis of their specific job responsibilities and qualifications.

Stator Platinum is the perfect solution for multi-user access.

Stator User Roles
Stator Auditing

Full audit tracking…

Two levels of audit tracking enable you to keep track of data changes when they occur and by whom.

Auditing is a compliance requirement and with Stator you get two distinct levels of tracking. The first level is user defined meaning you get to choose which events to track and the second (mandatory), more specific tracking level cannot be turned off. Every data change is tracked and recorded so that you know exactly how and when  each item of data was changed.

Stator Platinum gives you the peace of mind knowing that every change in data is being tracked and recorded.

Multiple currencies, no problem

Stator Platinum allows you to manage holdings in any currency. Stator gives you the freedom to trade global markets with confidence knowing that reporting can be performed in the holding currency or in the base (estate) currency.

Sophisticated trading instruments

Opportunities arise all the time and you need the confidence knowing your portfolio management can handle more complex trading instruments. Platinum supports Shares, Share CFD’s, Foreign Exchange, Futures, Index, Options and more.

Connect to any data source

Our unique plugin framework allows you to connect Stator to any source of price data (latest or historical) as well as any position data source. Plugins can be written by anyone with enough technical proficiency which ensures Stator grows along with the number of different data sources available.

Client/server architecture

By default, Stator Platinum supports both embedded and client/server architecture right “out of the box”. Don’t let data storage be your concern as Stator supports a wide range of different database vendor products. By default Stator uses the Firebird database for storage.

Unitisation and estate analysis

Stator Platinum (and Professional) supports full estate unitisation.

Unitisation is a process by which an estate is divided into units. These units are then bought and sold with the result being that cash is credited or debited to the estate without impacting upon the overall performance.

With Stator you can:

Keep track of newly added capital (purchasing units)
Keep track of capital reductions (selling units)
View the historical unit price for an estate
Transact (buy or sell) units at any point in time
and more…

Never lose track of the true performance of an estate as Platinum allows you to manage capital additions and subtractions with ease. Perfect for hedge fund managers or anyone that manages money.

Stator Unitisation

Scripting, extensibility and customisation

Stator Platinum has all the tools to be fully integrated within your ogranistation, including;

A fully fledged scripting language (Python) allows you to write customisation scripts
A plugin framework enables you to connect (and write) Stator to different source of price and position data.
Create customised reports specific to the requirements of your ogranistation
White label option enables you to badge Stator with your own branding (optional)

Stator Scripting
Stator Report Designer


Licensing for Stator Platinum is managed as an ongoing 12 month subscription. This simple pricing structure ensures you and your organisation have access to all the latest updates and releases at all times.

Please contact us for further information regarding subscription pricing for Stator Platinum.

White labeling

An additional feature of Stator Platinum (if purchased) is the ability to “white-label” the product. This means you can brand Stator with your very own images, logo, branding and text resulting in a seamlessly integrated product.