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Last Updated August 9th, 2012

"Quick Quote" The perfect lightweight solution to easy, fast quotes

Don't be caught unaware of what the market is doing. With "Quick Quote" you can have access to delayed stock quotes in an easy to use, lightweight application. Quick Quote is designed for those that need to keep abreast of the market at all times. It's simple to use and above all else it's lightweight. This means it's perfect to use in situations where user discretion may need to be observed. For example, at work.

Quick Quote comes as a clean, simple installation.

A no-fuss application designed to give you the information you need.

It's our special FREE gift for you

The perfect lightweight solution to keep up to date and informed throughout the trading day.

Why you need Quotes?

How often would you like to know the movements of your trading stocks?

Hardcore traders often spend hours, if not the entire trading day watching the price of securities move. It keeps them informed and ready to take action when needed as this is usually at the most important stage of a trade, the entry and exit. Quick Quote provides a simple to use, fast way to keep in touch with your trading stocks without the need to login to online brokerage or to manually refresh watchlists. It sits in the background updating throughout the day, when you need a quote it's there doing it's job.

Watchlists Made Easy!

Stock prices move all the time and how many of us can't watch markets all day long?

It's easy to create a watchlist with Quick Quote. Just specify the codes which make up your watchlist and its done. Quick Quote takes care of the rest.

With Quick Quote you can:

Obtain a single quote, instantly.
Monitor a custom watchlist of multiple securities.
Automatically refresh your custom watchlist.

Shown below is the main Quick Quote screen

Quick Quote Screen

Watchlist Updates

Quick Quote polls updates, it doesn't stream. This makes the application very light on bandwidth as you can have it open all day without impacting heavily on your bandwidth allocation. When you set Quick Quote to automatically update a watchlist, a progress bar counts down to the next update. This ensures you know exactly when an update occurs.

Stocks and Exchanges

Quick Quote is compatible with 50 exchanges from around the globe. This covers an amazing 99.9% of the traded stock from around the globe. If you have ever been curious about a stock from another country, Quick Quote provides the perfect solution.

You can obtain free delayed quotes from any of the following exchanges:

+ American Stock Exchange
+ Amsterdam Stock Exchange
+ Australian Stock Exchange
+ Barcelona Stock Exchange
+ Berlin Stock Exchange
+ Bilbao Stock Exchange
+ Bombay Stock Exchange
+ Bremen Stock Exchange
+ Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
+ Calcutta Stock Exchange
+ Copenhagen Stock Exchange
+ Dusseldorf Stock Exchange
+ Frankfurt Stock Exchange
+ Hamburg Stock Exchange
+ Hanover Stock Exchange
+ Hong Kong Stock Exchange
+ Jakarta Stock Exchange
+ Korea Stock Exchange
+ Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
+ London Stock Exchange
+ Madrid Fixed Income
+ Madrid SE C.A.T.S.
+ Madrid Stock Exchange
+ Mexico Stock Exchange
+ Milan Stock Exchange
+ Munich Stock Exchange
+ NASDAQ Stock Exchange
+ National Stock Exchange of India
+ New Zealand Stock Exchange
+ NYSE Stock Exchanges
+ Oslo Stock Exchange
+ OTC Bulletin Board Market
+ Paris Stock Exchange
+ Pink Sheets
+ Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
+ Shanghai Stock Exchange
+ Shenzhen Stock Exchange
+ Singapore Stock Exchange
+ Stock Exchange of Thailand
+ Stockholm Stock Exchange
+ Stuttgart Stock Exchange
+ Swiss Exchange
+ Taiwan OTC Exchange
+ Taiwan Stock Exchange
+ Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
+ Toronto Stock Exchange
+ TSX Venture Exchange
+ Vienna Stock Exchange
+ XETRA Stock Exchange

Download your FREE Copy today!

Our FREE GIFT to you! (Valued at AUD$85). Quick Quote is an ideal lightweight application which updates a watchlist all day long, you never have any excuse not to know how your trades are performing.

For FREE, You get:

Clean Installation
Fast and Easy to Use
Not Bandwidth Intensive
FREE Delayed Quotes
Supports 99% of Global Exchanges (by Market Cap)
Runs in the background automatically polling quotes

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