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      Size:  ~42MB

Why is there only one file to download?

It makes life easier if you only have to download a single file. Your license determines the version of Stator that gets installed on your computer and if you’re downloading Stator as a trial, you can request a trial license the very first time you launch Stator.

Please note that by installing Stator on your computer you are agreeing to the end user license agreement and system requirements.


Stator Technology Stack (Logos)


What do I do now?

To learn how to complete the installation and commence your trial, please review our online tutorial which can be found here. The tutorial is easy to follow and provides all the information you need to get started with the trial.


Older versions

Click on the links below to download an older version of Stator.
Please note that these versions are superseeded by more recent releases.

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