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Article posted August 1st, 2012

Adopting advanced finance management techniques is made easy with this unique position sizing calculator. Using several money management models you can calculate optimal position sizes for each position. Learn to manage risk and enter trade positions wisely, knowing you have purchased the right amount each and every time you trade.

To download the free money management calculator just click on the button below (~120KB);

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Links to articles discussing position sizing

Introduction to Position Sizing
osition sizing by Dean Hoffman
Position sizing by Michael Bryant
Fixed fractional position sizing
Optimising the position size

Position sizing primer

Unlock the power of position sizing and learn how to use money management for optimal trading performance. Downloadable PDF document teaches you the secrets.

Please note the position sizing primer was written in 2006. Any references to Stator relate to version 2.## however the current version is fully compatible and contains the same position sizing and money management functionality.

Download (PDF, 109KB)


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