Stator is powerful, feature-rich software. Shown below are various screens from our "Platinum" version which has the greatest range of features.

Screenshot Thumb (Stator Home)

Stator Home
Shown above is the Stator home page showing all "Estates" in the data layer.


Screenshot Thumb (Estate Home)

Estate Home
Shown above is the dashboard display for an "Estate". This screen provides an overall summary of activity for predefined periods.


Screenshot Thumb (Open Positions)

Open Positions
Stator displays all open positions in a tabular fashion using our custom "percent gradient" colouring scheme. Income and closed positions are also displayed in a similar way.



Screenshot Thumb (Alerts)

Configurable Alerts
Stator is highly configurable. Alerts can be written using a simple programming language making them very versatile.


Screenshot Thumb (Performance Statistics)

Statistical Analysis
Statistics are at the core of any sound portfolio management routine. Statistics speak the numbers and Stator generates a wide range to enable you to analyse your performance.


Screenshot Thumb (Performance Chart)

Graphical Performance
Stator is ready on-hand to generate performance charts to highlight all aspects of your trading and investment activities.



Screenshot Thumb (Report)

Customisable Reports
Stator has pre-built printable reports as well as a report editor allowing you to design and generate custom reports.


Screenshot Thumb (Charting)

Charting Integration
Charting is integrated right into Stator. View price charts for any asset through the use of "Data Plugins"


Screenshot Thumb (Watchlist)

Keep a close eye on the markets using watchlist functionality. Stay in control monitoring any asset...