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Stator is portfolio management software used all over the world, everyday. This page of the website is devoted to reviews and articles which are related to Stator. If you come across any articles related to Stator which are not mentioned or detailed below, please contact us and let us know. We will promptly post it on this page for everyone to read.

Stator Media

The Business of Share Trading

Leon Wilson | 2012 | 600 page book


Leon Wilson
Australia | June 2012

Modeling Trading System Performance

Dr Howard Bandy | 2011 | Book


Dr Howard Bandy
Canada | 2011

Stator Media

CFDs Made Simple

Jeff Cartridge, Ashley Jessen | 2011 | 256 page Book


Stator is featured in this book about Contracts For Difference (CFD).

Contracts for difference (CFDs) offer an opportunity to make your money work hard for you with the potential for large returns on little outlay. This book includes the information you need to know to get started trading CFDs, and it provides tried-and-true strategies anyone can use.

Ashley Jessen is an private trader, author, ninja and active user of our software!

Jeff Cartridge, Ashley Jessen
Australia | October 2011

Your Trading Edge (YTE)

November/December 2008 | Australian trading magazine


Stator Professional is reviewed by three traders of differing skill levels.

Stator gets excellent editorial coverage in this bi-monthly release distributed in Australasia and the United Kingdom.

Your Trading Edge (Magazine)
Australia | 1st November 2008

The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing

Dr Van Tharp | 2008 | 350 page trading book


Dr. Tharp, for many years has specialised in helping traders and investors understand position sizing and how to use it effectively. He originally published “The Money Management Report” as his guide to position sizing. Thanks to an overwhelming demand from his clients, he has now published this new book.

Stator is featured as “must-have” portfolio management software for anyone serious about trading efficiently and profitably.

Dr Van Tharp (IITM)
United States | August 2008

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