Do you need help with Stator?

Welcome to Stator support home, this should be your first point of contact for any Stator related issues. We have extensive resources available online and via email ready to help with any issues you're experiencing.

Stator support is built around a "self-help" model in which you can use the resources available within our website to help find the answers you need.

Consult the Stator help file
The help file is a PDF document installed with Stator. You can access the help file through Stator.

Consult the Stator Getting Started Guide
The getting started guide is installed with Stator. You can access the getting started guide from within Stator.

Check the FAQs
Most often the answer to your question has been asked before. Be sure to check our frequently asked questions page.

Stator Tutorials
We publish tutorials for Stator so it's a good idea to check to see if a tutorial doesn't already exist for your issue.

Still have no answer?
Feel free to email us your queries from the following contact page.