Upgrading from previous versions of Stator

We've made it easy for you to upgrade from an older version of Stator.
Just follow the instructions below;

Stator Upgrading from Older

Step 1: Purchase an upgrade license

The following rule determines if you are eligible for a free upgrade to the new version:

Purchased original license:

– before 1st December 2011 = Purchase upgrade license (click here)
– after 1st December 2011 = Free upgrade

As soon as we receive your payment we will email your new license.

Step 2: Download Stator

Download and install the new version of Stator from the download page of our website (click here)

The new version of Stator is independent of any previous versions and can be installed to operate side-by-side with older versions. To upgrade to the new version you must download and install the new version onto your computer, you cannot upgrade from within a previous version, i.e. "Check for updates"

Step 3: Install Stator

After you have downloaded the installation file you need to install Stator onto your computer. The installer is "self-guided" and will ensure all the required prerequisites are installed on your computer. Double-click the installer and follow the prompts.

Step 4: Register/activate Stator

Using your new license you can activate Stator.
To learn more about activation click here.

Step 5: Read the getting started guide and help file

Stator comes with a getting started guide and help file. These two documents alone should be enough to have you up and running with the new version. The documentation has been designed to be easy to read and follow and the best place to start is to review the getting started guide. You can access the getting started guide from within Stator by clicking on the "Getting Started" button found on the "Home" tab.

Step 6: Import previous version data (optional)

The new version of Stator comes with an import plugin framework which allows data to be imported directly into the software (see Plugins for more information). Bundled with the new version of Stator is an import plugin which allows you to seamlessly import existing data (from version 2). An online tutorial explains everything you need to know in order to import data from previous versions.

Click here to view the importing data tutorial



Upgrading between different versions

Four versions of Stator are available and we offer upgrade paths between each version. 

Stator Upgrading

Upgrading between different versions of Stator is easy because:

1. Your data is stored in a single file known as the data layer which is compatible between versions.
2. It's as simple as downloading the new version and purchasing an upgrade license.

We've made the entire process of upgrading fast and easy.

Click here to purchase an upgrade license.