ConstantsDelimiter Field

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A default string delimiter

Namespace:  Stator.libPublic
Assembly:  libPublic (in libPublic.dll) Version: 4.0.2018.0 (4.0.18103)

public const string Delimiter = "]["

Field Value

Type: String

This following code shows the delimiter being used to split a string
(Extracted from pgnYahoo.dll (data plugin))
internal static void ReturnElementsFromIdentifier(string Identifier, out string SYMBOL, out string SYMBOL_BASE_TYPE_ID)
    var item_data = Identifier.Split(new[] {Stator.libPublic.Constants.Delimiter}, StringSplitOptions.None);
    SYMBOL_BASE_TYPE_ID = item_data[1];
    SYMBOL = item_data[0];
This following code is a unit test showing how a settings string can make use of the delimiter
(Uses functionality from pgnAmiBroker.dll (data plugin))
 public void AmiBroker_SettingsTemplate_StringToObject()
     const string Settings_String = @"C:\Data][TRUE][.dat][_][LO][2][2";
     var Settings = SettingsTemplate.SettingsStringToObject(Settings_String);

     Assert.AreEqual(@"C:\Data", Settings.DefaultPath);
     Assert.AreEqual(".dat", Settings.FilenameExtension);
     Assert.AreEqual("_", Settings.FilenamePrefix);
     Assert.AreEqual("LO", Settings.FilenameSuffix);
     Assert.AreEqual(2, Settings.MultiplierPrice);
     Assert.AreEqual(2, Settings.MultiplierVolume);
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