IIsDataPluginGetUserInterfaceTemplateSettings Method

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A user interface which allows a user to set settings for a data template which uses this plugin
object = System.Windows.Forms.UserControl

Namespace:  Stator.libPublic.DataPlugins
Assembly:  libPublic (in libPublic.dll) Version: 4.0.2018.0 (4.0.18103)

Object GetUserInterfaceTemplateSettings()

Return Value

Type: Object
An object to be cast to System.Windows.Forms.UserControl

Why do we need this property?
You might be writing a data plugin which requires the user to set certain parameters which they can only do through
a user interface. An example might be a setting which requires the user to specify a port number for outgoing network
activity. The user interface allows you to accomplish such a task by allowing you to create your own user interface.

Why is this property of type "object"?
Internally we cast the object to type System.Windows.Forms.UserControl but have left the data type as object because
some of our own plugins (authored by Anfield Capital) use different user interface types.


This code extract shows how Stator casts the user interface (UserControl) for display on screen
(Extracted from Stator.AFM)
var Interface = (UserControl)UserInterfaceTemplateSettings;
Interface.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
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