IIsImportPluginSetUserInterface_FromSettingsString Method

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Populate the user interface with the settings passed into the method in string form.

Namespace:  Stator.libPublic.ImportPlugins
Assembly:  libPublic (in libPublic.dll) Version: 4.0.2018.0 (4.0.18103)

void SetUserInterface_FromSettingsString(
	string Settings


Type: SystemString
The settings string

Why are settings in string form?
Settings for the plugin are passed to and from Stator in string form. Stator uses the settings string when import
templates are used.

How is the settings string construced?
The settings string is converted to settings and back to string form by the plugin. The plugin is responsible for
the translation of settings to string and string to settings

This is an opposite method to: GetSettingsString_FromUserInterface
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