DPIgetResourceNameForScaling Method

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Return the resource name [string] with suffix to support current scaling factor

equals 100% = no suffix
less than or equal 125% = _120DPI
less than or equal 150% = _144DPI
less than or equal 250% = _192DPI
less than or equal 350% = _288DPI
less than or equal 450% = _384DPI
else no suffix

Usage example: You have a graphic resource called "icon.png" with multiple versions to support different scaling factors. Add an appropriate suffix to each filename (resource name) and then use this function to return the correct graphic for the device scaling factor.

Namespace:  Stator.libPublic.Utilities
Assembly:  libPublic (in libPublic.dll) Version: 4.0.2018.0 (4.0.18103)

public static string getResourceNameForScaling(
	string resourceName


Type: SystemString
A string used to identify the (base) resource

Return Value

Type: String
A string for the resource which includes a suffix indicating the scaling factor.
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