IIsImportPlugin Methods

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The IIsImportPlugin type exposes the following members.


Public methodClear
Clear/reset the plugin.
Public methodDispose
Disposal method.
Public methodGetSettingsString_FromUserInterface
Return a settings string from the user interface settings.
Public methodCode exampleGetUserInterfacePluginSettings
A user interface which allows a user to set settings for a data template which uses this plugin (if applicable).
object = System.Windows.Forms.UserControl
Public methodInitialize
Initialize method.
Public methodReadData(IListIPluginError)
Read import data.
This will use the settings as set in the plugin user interface.
Public methodReadData(String, IListIPluginError)
Read import data using the settings string.
This method uses the settings string passed in.
Public methodSetUserInterface_FromSettingsString
Populate the user interface with the settings passed into the method in string form.
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