IAssetsMarketsClosedPositionEventCloseReason Property

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The closing reason (the reason why the position was closed).

Namespace:  Stator.libPublic.ImportPlugins.DataObjectInterfaces
Assembly:  libPublic (in libPublic.dll) Version: 4.0.2018.0 (4.0.18103)

string CloseReason { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: String

How do I know what reason to assign?
A full list of position close reasons can be found in Stator > Global Options > User Defined Fields
You should observe this list when writing code to import closed positions. Stator will search for a close reason matching
this property (not case sensitive) and if a matching type cannot be found, Stator will create a new close reason matching this property.

Please note you do not have to worry about matching case, Stator does the comparison by converting both sides to lower case:

"Profit Taking" == "Profit Taking"
"Profit Taking" == "profit taking"
"Profit Taking" == "PROFIT TAKING"

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