Standard Deviation

Overview Standard Deviation is a statistical measure of volatility. Standard Deviation is typically used as a component of other indicators, rather than as a stand-alone indicator. For example, Bollinger Bands are calculated by adding a security’s Standard Deviation to a moving average. Interpretation High Standard Deviation values occur when the […]

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Accumulation / Distribution

Overview Accumulation/Distribution¬†is a momentum indicator that associates changes in price and volume. The indicator is based on the premise that the more volume that accompanies a price move, the more significant the price move. Interpretation Accumulation/Distribution¬†is really a variation of the more popular On Balance Volume indicator . Both of […]

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Chailkin Oscillator

Overview Inspired by the prior work of Joe Granville and Larry Williams, Marc Chaikin developed a new volume indicator, extending the work done by his predecessors. The Chaikin Oscillator is a moving average oscillator based on the Accumulation/Distribution indicator. Interpretation The following discussion of volume accumulation/distribution interpretation, written by Marc […]

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