Gann, An operator whose science and ability place him in the front rank

By Ticker & Investment Digest, Vol 5, No 2
December 1909

Abstract / Introduction:

Sometime ago the attention of this magazine was attracted to certain long pull stock market predictions which were being made by William D. Gann. In a large number of cases Mr. Gann gave us in advance the exact points at which certain stocks and commodities would sell, together with prices close to the then prevailing figures which would not be touched. 

For instance, when New York Central was 131, he predicted it would sell at 145 before 129. So repeatedly did his figures prove to be accurate, and so different did his work appear from that of any expert whose methods we have examined, that we set about to investigate Mr. Gann and his way of figuring out these predictions, as well as the particular use which he was making of them in the market. 

The results of this investigation are remarkable in many ways.