Installing Stator the simplest possible way- XCOPY

This tutorial shows how to install Stator via XCOPY deployment. This is the simplest, most hassle free way to install Stator cleanly onto any computer however please note the contents of this tutorial are intended for advanced users only. Limited support is officially provided for XCOPY deployment.

Some of the more advanced concepts are introduced below.

What is XCOPY deployment?

XCOPY deployment in this context means you can install Stator by copying program files and folders directly onto your computer without the need to run an installer program. XCOPY deployment is both a safe and clean way to install Stator on your computer because nothing needs to be done except copying the files and folders. XCOPY deployment works because all the dependencies for Stator are contained in a single folder.

Download the Stator XCOPY zip file

The first thing you need to do is download the Stator XCOPY zip file. You can download it by completing the form below. We always ensure the version contained in the XCOPY zip file is the latest available release and the zip file comes with a handy PDF guide which walks you through the process of installation.



Is there anything I need to know before trying the XCOPY install?

Yes, there are risks involved when installing Stator via XCOPY. The official installer is designed to check your computer for the required prerequisite .NET framework (4.6). If the installer detects the required framework version isn’t present it will prompt you to download and install before proceeding with the installation.

When installing Stator via XCOPY there is no checking of prerequisites because you’re copying files directly onto the computer and running the program. Please be aware you will need to manually fulfil any prerequisites in order for Stator to run without issues. Namely- .NET 4.6.

I have unzipped the contents onto my computer, now what?

After you unzip the contents of the XCOPY file onto your computer you will be presented with the following folder/file structure:


XCOPY Folders


To launch Stator just double-click the “Stator.exe” file. If all the required prerequisites exist on your computer, Stator will launch!

Please ensure you give the folder “application data” full read and write permissions. This folder contains all the files which Stator can change during the course of normal operation.


In this tutorial you learned how to install Stator using a very simple XCOPY deployment method. A comprehensive guide is included with the XCOPY zip file, please refer to this file for further information.


Useful Stator help file topics:

  • Appendices/Application files and application data
  • Appendices/Application files and application data/XCOPY Deployment