Activating your Stator license

Learn how to activate your version of Stator using a license.

License activation is required in order to unlock Stator after the initial trial period expires. If you haven’t already purchased a license you can do so from our purchase page, you will need a valid license to activate Stator.

The license manager is shown at start-up when Stator detects the absence of a license file. The license manager can also be shown on demand at any time by clicking “License” found in the main menu. The license manager can also be accessed by clicking the license information text seen in the bottom right corner of the main screen.

The license manager allows you to perform three separate functions:

  1. Commence and manage the trial period.
  2. Link to a valid license file (activation).
  3. Unlink a license file (deactivation).

License Activation

To link Stator to a license file (also known as license activation):

  1. Click on the text- “Link to license file and activate this computer”.
  2. Click on the “Select license file” link.
  3. Navigate to the license file (ensure this is the “master” license file).
  4. Click on the “Open” button in the file dialog.
  5. Click the “Apply Validation” button to activate the license on the computer.

The activation process locks the license to your computer and you are only permitted to run Stator on the same number of computers for which you have activations. Activation and deactivation allows you to link and de-link licenses for different computers at any time.

It is a requirement that you are “online” during the activation process as Stator communicates with the main license server to confirm the activation. If you are not online please delay activation until such time as you are online. Once activation has been completed the license manager will notify you of success.

You can now operate Stator without any time-limits.

License Deactivation

The process of license deactivation is much like activation, but in reverse. Deactivation means you “un-link” your license file which frees an activation slot you can use to activate Stator on another computer. This is useful if you change computers as you are in full control over which computer has an activated copy of Stator.

To un-link (deactivate) a license file:

  1. Click on the text- “Deactivate the license from this computer”.
  2. Click the button “Deactivate license for this computer”.

Your license will have been deactivated and the activation slot now available to activate Stator on a new computer.


Useful Stator help file topics:

  • Versions and Licensing/Initiating the trial period
  • Versions and Licensing/Licensing/The license file
  • Versions and Licensing/Licensing/Linking to a license file (activation)
  • Versions and Licensing/Licensing/De-linking a license (deactivation)