Norgate (Premium) Data- for all your security data needs

Important Update:
Premium Data has been superseded by Norgate Data (NDU).
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Norgate Data (formally Premium Data) is a leading Australian data vendor, providing end-of-day stock market data for the Australian and US financial markets. Coverage also extends to World Futures and Forex (please see “Market Coverage” further below). Norgate Data is licensed by the ASX and other exchanges as an official vendor and has been operating since 1998.

How is the data supplied?

At the time of writing the main supply of security price data is dispersed to your local database via software that you install. Currently, there is a separate program for stocks, futures and forex however there is a more complete solution (Norgate PDU) that is still in beta testing before a wider release.

So currently (as at March 2018), there are three separate programs which are all easy to download and install. Once an updating program is installed (along with historical data), all you need to do is press the “Update” button each day or whenever you need your database refreshed. The latest data is delivered via the internet and appended to the historical database automatically, there is no need for you to do anything else.

The data is stored in the “MetaStock” format, which is compatible with a large number of commercial charting & analysis programs, including Stator AFM.

Reliability of Supply

Norgate Data makes use of multiple delivery servers located in different locations around the world to ensure reliable supply. Program and history installers are always available to current subscribers (by way of website download) so that recovery from any local machine problem (disk failure, virus attack, file corruption etc) is quick and easy.

Installation on two machines is allowed as long as both are for the use of the subscriber.

Stock Market Database Maintenance

In addition to supplying daily data updates, Norgate Data stock market services also provide essential database “housekeeping” tools. Maintenance actions help to keep the historical database in good order by automatically –

  • adding newly-listed securities
  • eliminating delisted securities
  • accounting for name and/or code changes
  • adjusting historical prices for the effect of stock splits, capital returns, de-mergers etc (capital-base adjustments).

As a rule, free sources of data do not perform maintenance – they simply provide flat ASCII or CSV text files each day with no corporate action accounted for.

Free Trial

Fully-functional, no-obligation free trials are available for all of the Norgate Data services.A free trial allows for an abbreviated data history to be updated for 3 weeks.

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