Visual Studies

A new way to see your data – total freedom!

Visual studies is breakthrough functionality allowing you to visualise, analyse, dissect and interrogate your data like never before. Analysing your data using modern web based visualisation technology in a desktop environment, visual studies gives you an unlimited scope for analysis.

Visual study functionality is an add-on component
for Stator Professional and Platinum.

What is Visual Studies?

“Visual studies” is the name given to powerful data visualisation functionality which sits on top of data stored in, or accessed by Stator.

The visual study shown here represents closed trade data as a cluster. Each circle represents a closed position, the size is a function of the initial margin, the colour a function of trade duration. The position and outer band are a function of the profit/loss percentage.

This visualisation provides a spatial view of data that is often presented in grid/tabular form. Visual studies increases data discovery, potentially highlighting new trends, opportunities and weaknesses like never before.

Portfolio, estate, asset, trade performance and security price are all examples of the type of data available for visualisation. Visualisations can take any form, limited only by the user’s creativity and imagination.

Visual Studies Functionality

Show me examples!

The visual studies shown below all use the same underlying security price data.

Screenshot Thumb (D3.js Area)

Area Plot
Written using the D3 javascript library this visual study displays security price data as an area plot.

Screenshot Thumb (Dygraphs)

This visual study is written using the dygraphs javascript library.

Screenshot Thumb (Monthly Dimensional)

Monthly Dimensional
This visual study contains multiple sub-visualisations each displaying different parameter relationships. This visual study is written using the DC javascript library.


Screenshot Thumb (Standardised Close)

Standardised Close
Written using the D3 javascript library this visual study standardises the closing price (allows multiple security selection). Prices are standardised to a set price and date using a slider making this a very interactive visualisation.

Screenshot Thumb (Line with Volume)

Line with Volume
This is a typical security price chart written using the D3 javascript library.

Write Visual Studies using any one of these modern libraries/languages!

Library: D3.js

Library: dygraphs.js

Library: paper.js

Library: processing.js

Library: raphael.js

Modern technology

HTML5 + ChromeModern technology is constantly changing with HTML5 the current leader in visualisation foundation. HTML5 and Google Chromium provide a solid foundation for Stator visual study functionality.

Desktop Architecture

Visual study functionality operates entirely on the desktop (the same as Stator itself). We've engineered modern web based technology to work directly on your desktop so the seamless integration with Stator minimises the potential for security exploits. Your data is safe with Stator.

Simple installation

Installing visual studies functionality is as easy as drag and drop. When Stator (Professional & Platinum) detects the presence of the visual studies library all the functionality is seamlessly unlocked.

Share visual studies

Visual studies are saved as single files! This means you can share and interchange visual studies with the entire Stator community. Visual studies gives you an opportunity to rethink the display of financial data and to have your ideas used by thousands of active users!

Integrated development environment (IDE)

Visual studies wouldn't be complete without a fully integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE allows you to test, trial, debug, analyse and distribute visual study files which makes working with them easy!

Analyse anything!

Visual studies is a blank canvas from which you can do anything! Rethink the way data is presented with visual studies.

Current 'data domains' include:
- income,
- charting,
- watchlists,
- diary notes,
- estate summary, 
- open and closed positions, 

- cash accounts, transactions and more...

Show me more examples!

Please email us to have your visual study listed here.

Screenshot Thumb (Estate Diary Calendar)

Diary Calendar
Written using the D3 javascript library this visual study displays estate (or position) diary notes in calendar form. The colour of each square indicates the number of diary notes assigned to the respective date.

Screenshot Thumb (Closed Position Cluster)

Closed Position Cluster
This visual study displays closed (or open) positions as a cluster. Each circle represents a closed position, the size is a function of the initial margin, the colour a function of trade duration. The position and outer band are a function of the profit/loss percentage.

Screenshot Thumb (4x4 Performance Matrix)

4x4 Performance Matrix
This visual study displays a 4x4 performance matrix of data (days, reward/risk, profit/loss percentage and risk percentage of margin) and the relationship between each combination of parameters. Available for both open and closed position data, written using the D3 javascript library.


Visual Studies IDE
Example Visual Study


We are happy to provide visual studies functionality to Professional and Platinum users. To download Stator Visual Studies (~20MB) please complete the form below, an email will be sent to the address provided containing the download link.

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Instructions regarding the installation of Stator Visual Studies is provided in the Visual Studies help PDF which is included in the download. Please refer to this document for comprehensive information on how to install, use, develop and maintain Stator Visual Studies.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or queries in regards to Stator Visual Studies.

Visual studies changes the way you see financial data!
Another innovation from all of us at Anfield Capital.