For money managers requiring the best of features!

Introducing Platinum, a version of Stator designed to cater to the demands of enterprise installations, multiple users, user roles, increased security, compliance and more.

Platinum is the perfect version for corporations or individuals seeking an enterprise level experience.

Multiple Users
Multiple Users

Access Stator functionality using different user accounts. Control who has access to your valuable portfolio data.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Define user roles and permissions for each user and/or access level. Platinum gives you complete “Role based access control” (RBAC).

Magnifying Glass
Audit Tracking

Two levels of audit tracking allow you to keep track of all data changes and all times. Stator Platinum is perfect for compliance.

Multiple Currencies
Multiple Currencies

Manage assets in over 50 different currencies and have values reconciled into a base currency per Estate.

Client Server
Client Server Architecture

Platinum supports both a local-embedded database as well as a client-server architecture. Store your portfolio data in a network central location.

White Label
White Label

White label Stator Platinum with your own branding. Use our platform but display your own branding to clients and users.

Platinum includes everything

The entire suite of Stator products is feature-rich and Platinum includes all the best of our time-tested features. When you subscribe to Platinum you get the best.

Multiple Estates

Manage an unlimited number of Estates and sub-portfolios within Estates.

Estate Unitisation

Unitise your performance so you can compare apples and apples!


Create groups of investments to track performance at the micro level.

Group Union
Group Unions

Create unions of groups to give you ultimate visibility of your performance.

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