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We're often asked the same types of questions and we understand if one person has taken the time to email and ask us a question, there is more than likely ten who have wanted to ask that same question but have opted not to.

In order for everyone to benefit from our answers we post common questions and answers on this page. Please be sure to check through the FAQ questions before sending us an email, in most situations you will find your question already answered below.

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  • Can I run Stator on more than one computer?

    You’re required to purchase a license activation for each computer for which you run Stator. Full pricing details for additional activations can be found on our purchase¬†page.¬†The data layer (database) resides will reside on each installed computer and you can easily synchronise the two installations by copying the database file. If you wish to access the database over a network (for example you install the database onto a centralised server) you will need the Professional version of Stator as this supports client/server implementations.

  • Can I write my own data and import plugins?

    Yes! Stator has been designed to make use of a data and import plugin framework. This simply means you (or anyone else) can write data and import plugins to extend the capabilities of Stator. The application programming interface (API) is publicly available and provides you with all the information you need in order to write your own data or import plugins.

  • Can the new version use my old Stator data?

    Yes! Importing data into the new version is easy using the new import plugin interface. We’ve already written an import plugin which allows you to import data from older versions of Stator into the new version 3. It’s as easy as selecting your old data layer file and clicking the import button, Stator will take care of the rest.

  • Do I receive a boxed product when I purchase?

    No, Stator is a digital product delivered entirely online.

  • I can’t find an answer to my question, how do I contact you?

    If you can't find the answer to your question please feel free to email us using the form provided here.