Analyse more, slice your data…

Stator gives you the option to slice your portfolio into sub-portfolios (groups) and groupings of sub-portfolios (group unions).

This high level of user customisation allows you to manage the performance of sub-sections of an estates holdings allowing for greater clarity. Your holdings can still be viewed and managed at the estate level but this extra layer gives you the freedom to structure and analyse your portfolio the way that suits you best.

Do you want to know how your US stocks are performing?
Do you want to know how your Oil Futures are performing?
Do you want to trade different strategies for the one estate?

Stator allows you to do it all!

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Multiple currencies, no problem

Stator Professional and Platinum allow you to manage holdings in any currency. Stator gives you the freedom to trade global markets with confidence knowing that reporting can be performed in the holding currency or in the base (estate) currency.

Sophisticated trading instruments

Opportunities arise all the time and you need the confidence knowing your portfolio management can handle more complex trading instruments. Shares, Share CFD's, Foreign Exchange, Futures, Index, Options and more are supported by Stator. For more information please review the feature comparison to see which version supports your trading instruments.

Charting Analysis

Integrated within Stator is the ability to display price charts for any security. Assess potential new trades from within Stator, no longer is there a need for complicated charting software when you have everything you need within Stator.

Automatic Updates

Almost expected from software these days is automatic update functionality. Stator seamlessly handles updates or you can opt to check for updates manually. New features and bug fixes are automatically downloaded and installed for your benefit, free.

Manage a trading journal

A good trading plan encompasses not only good trade analysis but also the ability to maintain trading journal. Stator provides a complete solution so you can seamlessly manage a trading journal as well as link to files on your computer to any position or estate. Stator provides a perfect trading journal/diary solution.

Connect to any data source

Our unique plugin framework allows you to connect Stator to any source of price data (latest or historical) as well as any position data source. Plugins can be written by anyone with enough technical proficiency which ensures Stator grows along with the number of different data sources available.

Estate Unitisation

Unit PriceAdopt portfolio management techniques long held secret by top fund managers. Stator supports full estate unitisation meaning you can assess the true performance of any portfolio without undue influence caused by new capital.

Extensive Help Documentation

We know that Stator is feature-rich software and as much as we've tried to make things as straightforward as possible, sometimes additional help is required. Included with Stator is a 200+ page PDF file. Online tutorials and email support are also available to help get you through any issues you may experience.


Scripting, extensibility and customisation

Stator has multiple points with which you can extend it's already impressive range of features.
Examples of where you can extend and customise the functionality of Stator include:

+ Design custom reports (printable or electronic) to analyse your data the way you want
+ Create powerful alerts triggered from a large range of parameters
+ Write (and share) your own data plugin enabling Stator to read from any price data source
+ Write (and share) your own import plugin enabling you to import data directly into Stator
+ Write brokerage cost scripts which automatically calculate entry and exit costs

+ Test new scripts and code using our custom script editor
+ Define custom formatting conditions for each screens display, colours etc 

We've made sure you can leverage from Stator exactly what you need so you remain in control.

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Risk management made easy…

For every position, you inevitably take on risk. It's important to understand this risk before, during and after each position. Risk is always present but it's the control you have over it which will determine the success you'll have.

Stator gives you everything you need to monitor and manage your risk exposure at all times.

Using pre-defined alerts you'll be notified when a position breaches a stop loss or target. If the pre-existing alerts don't satisfy your needs you can write your own using the python programming language. Stator allows you to write alerts triggered by an almost endless array of parameters. 


Statistics, performance metrics galore!

One of the strengths of Stator is the amount of analysis options at your disposal. A large array of trading statistics and performance charts gives you everything you need to instantly assess the performance of your trading strategy.

Why do you need this?

Because statistics and performance charts to give you an instant score-card for your trading method. You will know instantly which areas you need to improve in order to make more profitable and timely decisions.

Example performance charts include:

Closed equity by date / date point / trade / month / year
Days vs. profit/loss percentage / dollar
Reward / risk distribution
Open position profit/loss by date
Total equity by date
Individual or multiple position performance by date
… plus many more

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Position sizing and money management

Perhaps the greatest secret to top trading and investing success is appropriate money management.

I call it a "secret" because few people seem to understand it, including many people who've written books on the topic. Some people call it risk control, others call it diversification, and still others call it how to "wisely" invest your money. However, the money management that is the key to top trading and investing simply refers to the algorithm that tells you 'how much' with respect to any particular position in the market.

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D (1997) Special Report on Money Management

What does the quote have to do with Stator?

Successful trading is more than just knowing when to enter a position, sure the entry is important but it's only a single part to a successful trading methodology.

The majority of traders place more importance on the entry when the real key to success lies within the three facets of psychology, money management and position sizing. Stator provides the tools necessary to help manage each of these key criteria.

Position sizing tell you how much to purchase at any point in time.
Alerts notify you when positions move so that you have time to act.
Risk calculations inform you how much you have "at risk"  in the market.
Statistics tell you how well your trading strategy is performing.

… and much more

Stator Position Sizing


Suitable for everyone, no matter how skilled!

Stator is perfect portfolio management software for any investor or trader wanting complete control of their performance. If your aim is to consistently improve your trading plan, analyse past history and performance, track the markets and improve reporting then Stator is the number one choice. Stator provides all the tools necessary to break through to new levels of profitability, suitable for:

Income Generating Investors

Benefit from the ability to track income from dividends and trusts. Analyse historical income and forecast future income. Reports make sure you're tracking all your income generating assets. Great for cash flow forecasting or just plain management of income received.

Mechanical System Traders

Benefit from finally having a tool that enables you to track every aspect of your rules based system.  Have the same control over your "live" trading as you did during the back testing phase. Enjoy an abundance of statistics, reports and graphs to keep a close eye on your trading performance so you know exactly how your system is performing against your back tested results.

Amateur Investors

Adopt sophisticated portfolio management techniques which will put you in the best position to improve your trading performance. Spend less time administering your portfolio, no more spreadsheets, ad-hoc reports, Stator has everything you need so that you can focus on the most important things, like your profitability.

The pieces of Stator are well done. However the package, everything working together is what sets it apart.

Lyle Wilkinson, Investor, trader, author, MBA

Long Term Traders

Benefit from being able to track historical trading performance, generate graphs and reports to cover all aspects of investment performance and adhere to compliance standards. Long term traders find it easy when using Stator to identify areas for improvement.

Beginner Investors

Just starting out? Don't spend thousands of dollars trying to find a portfolio management solution that does everything you need. Stator has been designed by traders, people like you who know what's required from an administration/management tool. Stator offers you an affordable and innovative solution aimed to put you in full control of your investments at all times. Stator let's you start off on the right foot!

Sophisticated Traders

Benefit from a tool which offers a wide range of trading instruments including foreign exchange, CFD's, index, futures, options and more. Have the freedom to trade in over 100 different currencies and instantly monitor your performance at any point in time. Stator gives you the same tools used by hedge fund managers and money managers, don't you want the same advantage?

Portfolio Managers

Benefit from being able to easily manage the estates of many clients. The level of sophistication included with Stator makes it comparable to highly priced enterprise software platforms but with a much lower price tag. Stator has been designed to "scale-up" to any size supporting multiple-users, full audit tracking, soft-deletion of data and more. Be confident that you're managing your clients money with the best tool available.