brett steenbarger

Information processing and trading

This article reproduced with permission from Brett Steenbarger Here is an interesting observation drawn from the past six months of working with a large group of full-time traders: The most successful of the group never change the displays on their screens. Each morning the same information appears in the same […]

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Expose yourself! A powerful technique for breaking emotional patterns in trading

By Brett Steenbarger October 2002 Abstract / Introduction: Traders love patterns. We trade chart patterns, oscillator patterns, historical patterns, cyclical patterns-you name the pattern, chances are there’s someone trading it. Much of trading boils down to pattern recognition and the ability to quickly identify and act upon profitable patterns as […]

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Explaining market success

This article reproduced with permission from Brett Steenbarger Numerous books have been written on the topic of trading success. Nevertheless, it is unclear how expert traders obtain their expertise. Several explanatory models are implicit in market writings: •  The psychological model – What makes great traders, this model asserts, is […]

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