michael bryant

Getting Starting With Systematic Trading

Systematic trading is a popular and potentially profitable way to trade a variety of markets, including stocks, futures, and foreign exchange. In systematic trading, a trading system generates buy and sell signals using a predefined set of trading rules. In many cases, the trading system can be automated so that […]

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Elements of a Profitable Trading Strategy

Trading systems or strategies use a predefined set of trading rules to generate objective buy and sell signals. While the variety of trading systems is almost limitless, most profitable trading systems have certain elements in common. Whether you build your own strategy or purchase one, trading a strategy with these […]

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Building Automated Trading Systems Using Automatic Code Generation

By Michael Bryant Ph.D. 2010 Abstract / Introduction: One of the biggest trends in retail trading over the past decade has been the increase in the popularity of automated trading. In this type of trading, also known as automated order execution, buy and sell signals generated by a trading system […]

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