“Fibonacci” The man and the markets

By Alex Douglas and MMS Singapore Abstract / Introduction: Everybody with exposure to the commentary of technical analysts has come across the name Fibonacci or its common abbreviation, Fibo. We hear of Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci levels, Fibonacci targets and Fibonacci fans among others. These Fibonacci comments are often supplied with […]

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Trading by rules, a psychological perspective

Reproduced with permission Brett Steenbarger If I had to give one piece of advice to most traders who are struggling with their P/L, it would be to trade tested systems or patterns and trade them systematically. If you look at highly successful business organizations, such as McDonald’s, Dell, Federal Express, […]

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Designing and testing mechanical trading systems

WITH THE ADVENT OF MICROCOMPUTERS A DECADE AGO, the window of opportunity opened for individual futures traders to design and test technical trading systems. Initially, only those traders who were also proficient programmers could do so, since the early trading software was neither very elegant nor user-friendly. At first, two […]

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